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Distinguished and Famous people from Queanbeyan

1. Alan Tongue

Alan Tongue is a former professional rugby league footballer who was born in Queanbeyan on July 15, 1982. He played the majority of his successful career with the Canberra Raiders, serving as the team's co-captain from 2007 to 2009. Tongue was known for his tireless work ethic and commitment to his team, which made him a fan favorite and earned him the prestigious Ken Stephen Medal in 2008.

2. Alan Watt

Alan Watt, born in Queanbeyan in 1950, is a renowned Australian artist. He is best known for his breathtaking landscape paintings, which often depict the natural beauty of the New South Wales region. Watt's works have been exhibited in various galleries across Australia, and his talent has won him numerous awards and accolades throughout his career.

3. John Gale

John Gale, born in Queanbeyan in 1943, is a distinguished Australian rules football player. He played for various clubs during his career, including the Queanbeyan Tigers and the South Melbourne Football Club. Gale was a key player in the Sydney Swans' 1945 premiership victory, and his exceptional skills on the field earned him a place in the Swans Hall of Fame.

4. Kathy Sullivan

Kathy Sullivan, originally from Queanbeyan, is an esteemed Australian environmentalist and politician. She has made significant contributions to environmental conservation efforts in New South Wales, advocating for sustainable development and protection of natural resources. Sullivan's dedication and passion for the environment have earned her widespread recognition and respect.

5. Allan Morris

Allan Morris, a renowned poet and author, was born in Queanbeyan in 1942. He has published numerous poetry collections and works of fiction throughout his career, receiving critical acclaim for his insightful and thought-provoking writing. Morris's contributions to Australian literature have been honored with several prestigious awards.

6. David Campese

David Campese, hailing from Queanbeyan, is a legendary former Australian rugby union player. He is considered one of the greatest wingers in the history of the sport and earned widespread recognition for his exceptional speed, agility, and ball-handling skills. Campese competed in multiple Rugby World Cups and was instrumental in the Wallabies' victory in 1991.

7. Irene Wellesley-Smith

Irene Wellesley-Smith, born in Queanbeyan in 1921, was a nurse and war hero during World War II. She served with the Australian Army Nursing Service and displayed exemplary bravery and dedication to her duty while caring for wounded soldiers. Wellesley-Smith's heroic actions earned her numerous awards and commendations for her service.

8. Sir William "Bill" Slim

Sir William Slim, born in Queanbeyan in 1891, was a highly esteemed British military commander and Governor-General of Australia. Slim played a significant role in multiple military campaigns during World War II and is renowned for his strategic brilliance and inspirational leadership. His contributions to the Allied victories in Burma and India earned him the respect and admiration of many.

9. Michael Thwaite

Michael Thwaite, born in Queanbeyan on May 2, 1983, is a professional Australian soccer player. He has represented Australia internationally and played for various clubs in both domestic and international leagues. Thwaite's impressive skills as a center-back have made him a valuable asset to the teams he has played for throughout his career.

10. Warren Ryan

Warren Ryan, a prominent figure in Australian rugby league, was born in Queanbeyan in 1941. He has had a successful career as both a player and a coach. Ryan played for the Balmain Tigers and later went on to coach the Newtown Jets, the Canterbury Bulldogs, and the Wests Tigers. His tactical prowess and innovative coaching strategies earned him a place in the NRL Hall of Fame.

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